Monday, September 16, 2013

Too Busy to Breath

I know, I know.

It's been like, two weeks.

I'm sorry.

In my defense, I had to sleep just a little :P

If you're looking for a long, meaningful, touching post about college, wait a bit. I promise there will be one eventually, but this post is not it. This post is a down and dirty, "what the heck is College Girl up to?" kind of post.

Mostly, I'm trying to reassure you that I'm not dead.

I'm not, I promise.

I'm just SUPER busy.

This Fall I am taking Number Theory, Real Analysis 1, Numerical Analysis, private piano lessons, adult advanced ballet, ABCs (Abs, Cardio and Strength) and Beginning French 1.


I am also a math tutor for the college two nights a week, a TA for general physics 1, a private tutor for two high school students in Staunton (one who happens to be the Dean of the College's daughter O.O ), RHA vice-chair, RHA Regional parliamentarian, serving on the Education Policy Committee for the college, on the Phoenix Dance Team, and in the math club.

I'm also still doing research (my group from this summer is trying to publish!) and I'm in the process (okay, I need to be in the process) of applying for internships and REUs for next summer. Also, I like to sleep and that kind of stuff.

(It's a shame, I know.)

So you don't go to long without seeing my *flips hair* beautiful face, I will leave you with some pictures of Basil and me from this weekend. Procrastination through makeup is a beautiful thing :P


A Very Busy College Girl

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