Saturday, August 31, 2013

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while. Or maybe not this post per say, but a post about ballet.

If you don’t know, before college I was *pretty* into dance. And by “into it” I mean “20+ hours a week at 13” into it. I’d been dancing since I was four, and I dreamed of being a professional ballerina.

(College was my fifth backup plan after rockette, actress, singer and au pair.)

Coming to Baldwin, I knew that I had to, definitely must, no excuses dance. It had never been an option and it would not be.

But then I became a cheerleader and realized that college classes meant college homework (ugh) and that I wanted to hang out with everyone else on a Thursday night instead of going to ballet.

All the sudden, I was avoiding dance and skipping ballet classes, something I had never done before. My dance career ended in the beginning of spring semester, Freshman year. After a few meltdowns, I quit.

I decided that I was done with ballet. It was something for Little College Girl. I was now an adult, a college student and I did not need it.

So I cut my hair because I could. I didn’t need to put it in a bun ever again.

and I kept cheerleading because I could. While Ballet College Girl hadn’t had time, I was a new, better version of me and New-and-Improved College Girl did have time.

I joined tae kwon do because it was something I’d never had time for before. (I still do it, and I still love it! I just got my yellow belt this summer :D )

And I will never, ever tell you that I regret quitting ballet, because I don’t. I needed to learn to define myself without ballet, something I had never done before. I also needed to focus on my school, something else I had never done before :P

I always meant to write a post about it though, but I never did. Honestly, because I never really felt closure with ballet. The girl who throws away everything refused to throw out the four assorted bags of dance stuff sitting around the house.

My room is still decorated with dance posters and pointe shoes, though I swore for the entire last year that I would never ever, not once, even in a billion years dance again.

I wear my hair in a ballet bun about three to five times a week because it’s a fast, efficient and comfortable style. Also, it looks darn good on me, if I do say so myself.

To be blunt, I brought a leotard to Indiana. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA BUT I DID.

I still dance to relax, even if it’s just around my room.

I miss ballet.

It is literally the best stress reliever for me. It calms me down and relaxes me and makes me happy.

Hi, I’m College Girl and I’m a ballet addict.

Over the last year I’ve tried so many other forms of physical activity in hopes that it will do the same thing.

Cheerleading? To stressful.

Tae kwon do? AWESOME but not the same.

Zumba?  Fun, but let’s get real, it’s an exercise class.

Running? Hate it. Do it (sometimes) but hate it.

Walking? BORING.

The list goes on and on.

So finally, yesterday afternoon I was dancing around my room, using a chair as a barre and I realized: I don’t have time to take five classes a week obviously. But one class? Adult advanced? I have time. I have the money. Why not?

So I called to check with my parents and they a-okayed the deal.

Hi, I’m College Girl and I just can’t seem to stay away from my drug of choice. I doubt I ever will be able to.

I am so excited to start class next week. I’m so excited to move and spin and stretch and jump and make sure that every finger is in the right place, and my head is at just the right angle.

Hi, I’m College Girl and I love ballet.

Will it be the same as when I was twelve? No. But that’s good. I’m not living the same life. But will it be what I love? I really, really hope (and expect) so.


College Girl


  1. Happy to hear you are trying it again! I had just started dancing again after college. I didn't last long--I tore my ankle in a skiing accident (no dancing for a year : (

    And by the time that had passed, I had your mother and Grandpere was at sea.

    I tried Jazzercize, but that was NOT ballet. I still miss it.

    1. No it is not, though I wish it was! Maybe you could take an adult ballet class? I know it's been years, but at least you'd get to dance again :)


      College Girl